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'Name Your Elf on the Shelf' Contest Update!

by Caroline on Dec 8, 2009 at 11:27 AM
Filed in Entertainment

Elf On The ShelfOh, the deliberation! We received so many fantastic names for our "Name Your Elf on the Shelf" contest! Our panel of Santa's elves is really having a hard time choosing a winner for the $50 book gift card! They are having so much fun reading your elf's names that they wanted me to share a few of them...

Some of the names are silly, some sweet, some Christmas themed, some unexplainable... We have such creative and cute kid shoppers! Every elf has a story, and these are a few of yours.

(Thank you to our entrants who shared their story! The quotes below were submitted via e-mail or facebook; they have only been edited for spelling, punctuation, and length.)

* * * * *

•  "My son's name is Frank Wilson ______ [last name omitted], and he goes by Wilson. When trying to come up with the best name for our new elf, I asked him what the best name was, and he of course answered, 'Wilson.' But I thought that might be a little confusing so he said, "What about 'Little Frankie'?" And Little Frankie it is."

•  A mom writes about her daughter naming their elf 'Eeny' (ee-nee): "When we asked her why she wanted to name him Eeny, she said, "Mommy, because he is teeny eeny!" She thinks that he is just magical... It is amazing to us the power that Eeny has. All we have to do is mention that Eeny is watching her, and she changes her behavior. We love this tradition, and it is truly one of the highlights of our Holiday."

 •  "My son Jacob is 2.5 years old, and I thought this would be the perfect year to start the Elf on the Shelf. I was not sure how much he would understand, but thought it would be fun! We read the book, and the next morning, looked for him and found him hiding. Jacob immediately reached out to touch him, and I reminded him we can't touch the elf. Jacob is used to me telling him not to touch things like old gum, trash cans, etc. while we are running errands. He immediately replied, "Dirty elf Mommy, no touch." I went on to explain that the elf was not dirty, but that he would disappear if we touched him. I changed the subject by telling Jacob we really needed to name our elf; he did not appear to be interested and ran off to play.... When my husband got home from work that evening, he asked Jacob what he had named his elf, and he replied, "Dirty!" Ever since then, Jacob calls the little red elf his 'Dirty Elf'."

•  "My daughter wanted to name her elf 'Nativity' but couldn't quite say it right so it's 'TIVITY'!"

•  About naming their elf 'L' or 'Elle' :  "My Papaw whom raised me just passed away Halloween, and this was the first year we started the Elf on the Shelf tradition. My three little ones under 5 said since Papaw's middle name stood for 'Lightning' (Papaw... always told people that is what it stood for; however, his middle name truly was just the initial L.) that we ought to name our elf that since our elf must be as fast as lightning to report back to Santa. I thought that was just precious. They are excited about Elle's supervision starting this year, and Mommy is very excited about Elle keeping the kiddos in line."

* * * * * 

Other Moms wrote to us about their elves' habits:

"(Willie) is spending his third Christmas here with us. He has gotten a little mischievious over the years. He loves to get into the candy bowl and find Smarties; they are his favorite candy."

"Our elf's name is Elfie Sneakins, because he is an elf that sneaks in our house every year!"

* * * * *

And yet there are some moms who cannot explain their elf's name:

"My 6-year-old daughter named our new elf 'Calessa'! ... I have no idea where the idea for the name came from, but we all thought it was fitting for an elf."

* * * * *

There are those that are a play on 'elf,' like Elfert, Elfvis, Elfwin, and Elfred.

Other children turned to movies for inspiration, naming their elves Luke Skywalker or Charlie Jack (after Charlie Brown's Christmas and Jack Frost.)

Some kids stuck to a Holiday theme for their elves: Jingles, Nick, and Christmas.

Some names are quirky, like Chickmunk, Wink, Cookie, Kick, Zippy, and Dancing Fairy, and constrasting that are the more traditional names - Larry, Lloyd, Buddy, Melvin, and Edward.

* * * * *

The list of creative names goes on and on... Our panel has a difficult decision to make! They will have their final meeting tomorrow morning, and we will be announcing the winner shortly after here on the blog and on our facebook page. Will it be Zip? Seymour? Pinky? One of the names above? A name yet-to-be shared? Check back tomorrow to learn the winning name!

If you still don't have an Elf On The Shelf, you can get one here.

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Kara Brock

12/8/2009 2:16:09 PM

I asked my 2 year of daughter, McKenzee to name the Elf on the Shelf. She just keep calling hime Elfshelf, so we decided to call him Elfshelf. I think my mother enter that name for her.

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